The journey of our cotton garments

Just Cruizin started with muslin locally sourced, however, due to fabric mills closing down we were pushed to import our muslin from Pakistan. Over the years, we have experimented with different weights of muslin (the tightness or looseness of the weave of the cotton and how many strands of cotton used) the closer the weave the less the “crinkle” and the more strands of cotton woven together, the heavier the weight.

Our muslin, in its raw/ loomstate form, is ecru in colour and feels almost like paper in certain weights! While similar in some ways, muslin and cotton are two different fabrics. Muslin has its own set of benefits that make it unique: It's lighter and more breathable than most other natural fibres, making it ideal for summer clothing. Even at medium and thicker weights, muslin remains lightweight. Before we are able to lay up the fabric for cutting, two sets of patterns need to be made… one standard measurement pattern and then a second one including all the necessary increased percentages on every pattern piece to allow for shrinkage on the overdye process. The pattern then goes for grading, a process of turning sample size patterns into additional sizes.

Once the style has been cut, it gets made up using a very specific thread only used for overdye to ensure the stitching is dyed the same colour as the fabric. Every garment gets examined and cleaned thoroughly, after which they are counted and departed into the different dye lots allocated for the particular style.

In the meantime, our chosen colours for the season have been planned and lab dipped to achieve the exact hue, and approved once we are satisfied. The bags of separated dyelots are then taken to the dyehouse where they are pre bleached, dyed, softened and dried.

The garments are returned to the CMT where they are re-examined for dye marks, repaired if necessary after the various processes they have been through, trims like buttons put on, lightly ironed and then packed or hung for collection.

Our finishing department then prepares the delivered styles for our wholesale customers, online and retail outlets. Developing our distinct muslin over the years and mastering our dye process has been integral to the longevity and success of the brand. It has not been without major issues/ setbacks and challenges, which have all added to the passion we have for this amazing fabric.