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Tami Kolbe | @tayloredheart

"Wearing Just Cruizin feels like pure luxury. Each piece from their knitwear collection that I have the privilege of owning are stunning in their unique way. They have captured my love for neutrals perfectly. I also had the honour of working with this amazing Brand and I have loved every moment of it. Amanda and her team have been so kind and accommodating to me, it’s brands like Just Cruizin that make me feel proud to do what I do as A Content Creator. "

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Pippa Leenstra | @style_it_simple

"I’m a big fan of this brand. The fabrics are one of the best there are to wear. A large portion of my personal wardrobe consists of JC and whenever I pack to go on holiday I’d say 90% of what I pack ends up being from this brand, it just works. It's comfortable, effortlessly stylish and easy to wear - 3 key factors to get right, for any woman’s wardrobe. I love sharing this brand with my followers as I truly believe the pieces I showcase will enhance a woman’s wardrobe and make getting dressed easy and fun."

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Nina Smit | @belleblancofficial

"Just Cruizin exudes chic & effortless luxury. I love how all the Just Cruizin garments work with each other and for any occasion! As a creative, it is extremely important for me to work with brands that align with my values to ensure an authentic relationship and that is exactly what this is. It is a massive privilege to be able to wear and create for such an exceptional brand!"

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Daniela Canny | @danielacanny

“Just Cruizin holds a special place in my heart. Using the softest, most beautiful fabrics, these pieces are truly designed with the wearer in mind. Equally perfect for lounging as for adventure, I have absolutely fallen in love and become a forever Just Cruizin fan.”

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Jen Raath | @themarriedwanderers

"Wow - just in love with everything about this local brand, Just Cruizin. The quality is superb, the fit is luxurious to say the least and their natural colour palette makes it easy to style with my entire wardrobe. My absolute holiday bag essentials!"

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Simoné Voigts | @simonevoigts

"My Just Cruizin pieces have quickly become the first pieces I now gravitate towards when opening my closet. The quality and comfort is just unmatched. Capsule wardrobe pieces are extremely important to me, pieces that can be worn for years and still be timeless, Just Cruizin has exceeded in that. Blessed to be working with such a high end local brand."

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Lilli Du Plessis

"I absolutely love Just Cruizin!

Just Cruizin epitomizes the essence of effortless luxury and ease in every piece they create. From beachside escapes to bush retreats, Just Cruizin exudes a sense of refined relaxation, making it a must-have for both comfort and sophistication. 

Just Cruizin offers a harmonious blend of comfort, style, and sophistication. It's no wonder that it has become a staple in my closet and an essential while on holiday. The team behind this brand is as lovely as the collection itself!"

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