Persephone Kaftans

Persephone Kaftans

Our Kaftan range this season is inspired by Persephone (per-seph-oh-nee), an ancient Greek goddess who breathes life into the landscape with florals of every kind.

Florals bring a sense of eternity, joy and beauty that lie beyond the sorrows and cares of the human world, reminding us of nature’s power to heal and recover. 

To encourage these feelings of cheerfulness, we’ve introduced a new bespoke print this season. Designed by Klaus Jurgen Schmidt, it is a painterly and  expressionist floral motif, imagined with a carefree energy to feel wild and alive.


Suci and her team in Indonesia, have again, hand-dyed the most exquisite tie dyes for us. With each garment being slightly different to the next in the amount of saturated dye and placement, each Kaftan is uniquely made. 

My best theory in business is to work with people you’d be happy to break bread with in your home; a theory that holds true to the relationship we’ve built with Suci and her team over the years. It has been the most beautiful journey seeing Suci‘s factory grow as our orders became larger with the support of all our valued customers. Our summer range would never be the same without our Kaftans and thanks to Suci, we are able to continue sharing these beautiful garments with you!

May our kaftans for the summer holiday season bring you as much joy as we had creating them!

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