Hello March!

Hello March!

As February has come and gone, I thought I’d fill you in on what’s happening within the Just Cruizin family at the moment, as there seems to be A LOT!

Jordan, our son, who runs the menswear department, has outgrown his space in the factory with us downstairs and will now be working independently (luckily not too far away, and in the same building). Life is made up of cycles and seasons, and this is definitely the season of allowing ourselves to “bloom” and “blossom” and be the best version of ourselves. 
Jordan's passion for the menswear JC brand can now fully develop and grow alongside the womenswear, rather than in its shadow. We could not be more proud and are super excited about the future of Just Cruizin menswear…. And we hope to have it online in the near future too!

Our “yogi” daughter, Hana, launched her first little yoga collection in December, which was a huge success! Her yoga pants are arguably the best I’ve worn. They'll be back in stock this month! Check out Hana’s page @flowstories.fs to learn more about the amazing projects she’ll be embarking on. 

Other news is that I was given an incredible opportunity to visit Delhi and Jaipur in February. For those of you who aren’t aware, all our pre-dyed fabric (loom-state) is imported from Pakistan in 3 different weights...we were forced to import when the local fabric mills stopped producing.

India has always been on my bucket list, so I hit the ground running in search of new beautiful cotton and linen fabrics to complement our existing offering. I was truly inspired by the incredible Indian culture and creativity and experiencing and getting to know some of these extraordinary people. 

With Love, 
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