Colours Of The Season

Colours Of The Season

As wonderful as it is sharing our garments with you, there is too, so much joy experienced pre-season when planning and designing upcoming collections! As we plan and research forecasted trends and colours, a story evolves naturally as we work and talk through the different colours, textures, catwalk looks and our own gut feel on the Just Cruizin direction. 



Although we’re known for our natural, earthy, and muted tones, we felt it time to incorporate newness to the JC brand this summer season: Brighter colours! 

Being one of 2022’s biggest trends, wearing  brighter colours is known to elevate your mood, encouraging dopamine dressing, a.k.a “happy fashion”. 

For all our JC neutral-loving dressers, this trend might seem like quite an adjustment, but thanks to the many monochrome set options, it’s easy to enter the colourful realm while maintaining a muted aesthetic.  



With the theme of our summer collection being ‘Pursuit of Serenity’ - inspired by the gifts of Mother Earth - these bright colours were incorporated as a reflection of those serene moments found in nature. Our sunset orange represents those beautiful summer sunsets and our Grecian Blue represents those clear blue skies and breathtaking oceans, both of which spark that feeling of inner peace, reminding us that places of sanctuary exist all around us, every day.


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