Violet Tunic Dress

This cute little eco cotton tunic dress with a large accent wooden button can be worn as a short dress or over pants in the form of a tunic.

Our Summer 2021 Eco Conscious collection is our first step to a better, more sustainable fashion.

This collection is made from 100% cotton and manufactured locally in Cape Town.

The un-printed garments in each style are made with no dyes and 50% less water consumption and electricity.

The printed garments in this collection are printed in a water-based process to minimize our footprint.

We are not a fully sustainable brand yet; however, we believe that the first step to a better future is to take that first step, and be transparent about our practices.

Violet Tunic Dress (in cm)




Extra Large

Bust- 54

Length from neck- 17

Sleeve width- 100

Bust- 57

Length from neck- 17

Sleeve width- 101

Bust- 60

Length from neck- 18

Sleeve width- 103

Bust- 62

Length from neck- 19

Sleeve width- 104

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